Governor John Bel Edwards has declared a State of Emergency due to the hazardous winter weather conditions. He says it’s imperative that people stay home since DOTD crews have a short time to get salt and deicing agents applied to prevent tonight’s cold temperatures to refreeze the roads.

"This enables DOTD to have the most robust salting operation that they can possibly have. We're asking people to stay off the roads and heed the warning of officials until the all clear is given."
Edwards says over 1.5 million pounds of salt has been distributed and 12-hundred D-O-T-D employees have been working around the clock.
Governor Edwards says every person on the road in these treacherous conditions puts themselves and others at risk. Some law enforcement personnel found that out last night.
"I think we've had five State Police troopers who had their cars parked so they were engaging in traffic control, when cars hit some ice and slid into them. One had to be taken to the hospital."
Governor Edwards says officials are very concerned about tonight’s cold temperatures as the driving dangers may remanifest themselves again.
"It's only going to be above freezing in most of Louisiana for a few hours after noon. We're expecting it to get slightly above freezing and then freeze again."

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