Are you the middle child? Bruce Hopman with 'The International Middle Child Union' says he is a middle child, and he's been paying for his place in the middle of his siblings for years.

Hopman tells KPEL that he never gets enough attention, no one every gives middle children the time they deserve, and darn it, he wants to be noticed.

And he wants other middle children to be noticed too.

Once again this year, Bruce Hopman wants everyone to recognize the middle children in their lives on Sunday, August 12.

Click here to find out more about Bruce's commentary about middle children and how they are always getting the rotten end of any deal.

To hear more on Bruce's wacky view of the world through a middle child's eyes, click here, and Happy Middle Child's Day on August 12 in case I forget to tell you. Being the baby of my family, the got ALL of the attention.


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