While executing a search warrant at an apartment in New Iberia, deputies arrested not only the first person they were looking for, Kenneth "Yogi" Gauthier, but they found another man there was wanted.

Deputies also arrested Dwayne Butler during their search yesterday.

Kenneth Yogi Gauthier, photo courtesy of the Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office

Law enforcement officials were able to arrest 28-year-old Gauthier who was wanted on two counts of attempted second degree murder after a shooting incident January 7 at near Anderson and Shot Streets.

Deputies say Gauthier was shooting with an AK-47 when he hit somebody walking by and the driver of car.

Officials found Gauthier at an apartment on Anderson Street, but he took off running.

It didn't last long though as deputies were able to catch him after finding out where he was hiding.

That's when police also found Butler who was wanted on a warrant for armed robbery for allegedly holding up a convenience store on January 11.

Both of these men are now in jail