EDIT:   According to one of our contacts with the Louisiana State Police:

Yes. Since DMV has closed and are responsible for stickers, they are very scarce. However, police cannot cite you for it if it has expired during the shutdown.


ORIGINAL STORY:  I recently took a vehicle to an official Louisiana State Vehicle Inspection Station to renew the sticker, and the manager informed me that they were out of stickers.

Without questioning him further, I left and drove up the street to another official Louisiana State Vehicle Inspection Station.  Upon arriving, the manager noticed the expired sticker and asked: "y'ere fer uh sticka?"  Upon my affirmative response, he shook his head and said: "till da Dee Emm Vees open up, nobody gonna had none tat all."

Since the coronavirus shutdown, all non-essential businesses were closed. Including the Department of Motor Vehicles? I would have thought that DMV services were important enough to have at least a skeleton crew, but I digress: I have been working from home, so I shouldn't expect others to have to go in to work. I'm glad that steps were taken to safeguard the health of their employees and the public.

So, here's my question: are all official Louisiana State Vehicle Inspection Stations out of stickers? Have you been able to get your vehicle inspected in the last week? If so, where did you go? I don't want to get pulled over!


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