Former Congressman Jeff Landry joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and discussed Christmas, the Phil Robertson/A & E controversy and the recent budget vote in Congress.

We started our conversation wishing Landry a Merry Christmas and Bernie explained 'we don't mean anything offensive by that statement but mean we hope you have the light of the world in you and have blessings and happiness and only good things befall you'.  To that Landry responded,

The problem is only certain people's opinions count.  Everyone's opinion should count.  If it offends you, well then, the nice thing is you just ignore them.

Yesterday A&E suspended Phil Robertson from the Duck Dynasty series for comments he made in an interview with GQ magazine and we asked Landry for his thoughts on the issue.  Landry said,

What struck me is A&E didn't get any calls or comments complaining about Phil's comments.  Somebody at A&E arbitrarily decided that it offended them so they kicked Phil off...The sad part is that means you can't have a discussion about it.

When asked what he thought about the recent budget votes in Congress Landry replied,

 I predicted it.  A number of conservatives predicted that this year at the end of the year they would find some way to undo the sequestration cuts.  I haven't raised a whole bunch of stink over this budget deal because I don't think it amounts to much other than the fact that it raises taxes on some people.  It doesn't cut spending as much as it should....It is disappointing to think Republicans have again caved in to spending to more money when we are so much in debt and raising taxes again.

To hear more of what Former Congressman Landry had to say about the budget vote, Phil Robertson and Christmas click on the link below:

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