On Wednesday morning's edition of ACADIANA'S MORNING NEWS, we took a call from a woman who claimed to be a doctor at Ochsner Lafayette General.

This person made claims about policies at Ochsner Lafayette General and about the effectiveness of Ivermectin in treating COVID-19. Her claims about Ochsner Lafayette General's policies were not true. Her claims about the effectiveness of Ivermectin are not borne out by medical science.

Furthermore, this caller did not provide any credentials proving she was indeed a medical doctor, nor did she provide her name so we could confirm her status as a medical doctor.

We made a mistake in allowing this caller to make her statements without confirming that she was indeed a medical doctor. For this, we're sorry. We apologize to our listeners, Ochsner Lafayette General, the Ochsner Health System, and the men and women of Lafayette's medical community.

In the future, callers claiming to be a member of the medical community will be required to provide their name and credentials in order to get on air.

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