Lafayette attorney Gary McGoffin is pushing back on the comments Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin made regarding the release of voter lists. The latest debate comes after an article in the Acadiana Advocate and the trouble potential council candidates are having getting their campaigns off the ground. They say the voter lists are key. Ardoin called into The Moon Griffon Show on Wednesday and spoke about the Code for Elections and how he was unable to produce lists due to pending litigation.

McGoffin represents a group of residents who were in areas with no representation in the new charter as passed by vote. These residents are satisfied with the city-parish council ordinance to fix the precinct lines. McGoffin points out that Kyle Ardoin was not at any of the hearings.

A one day trial presided over by Judge John Trahan ended with a ruling that the ordinance was not unconstitutional. He said it amounted to “an innocent error” on the part of demographer Mike Hefner and that the errors were “purely clerical”.



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