Lafayette's Safelight-Safespeed program will continue for at least a few more years under a contract approved by the council last night.  The members of the Lafayette City Parish Council approved an amended four year contract with Redflex last night.  That extension allows the company to continue operation of the system of cameras used to catch red-light runners and speeders.

Under the new agreement, fixed cameras will be installed at four new locations.  In addition to that change, now the Lafayette Police Department, and not the Traffic and Transportation will be the department that oversees the program.

The first vote of the night that debt with the Safelight-SafeSpeed program got shot down on a 6 to 3 vote.  That was an ordinance to get rid of the program all together.  Six council members voted to keep the program.  Then, the council voted 6 to 3 again to give an extension to the contract.  Part of the new changes in the amended contract allows for four speed vans to be used to catch speeders instead of two.