Lafayette is no stranger to good eats. We've got great Mexican, Tex Mex, Cajun, Mediterranian, Jamaican, Italian, American, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai.... the list goes on.

Anytime one of our local restaurants closes, it usually comes with disbelief from those who frequent the establishment and, in this case, it's no different.

East Gate BBQ Express recently announced on Facebook that it will be closing for good.

It is with a heavy heart that must announce we will be closing our doors at 5pm August 1st or when we sell out.

You might be asking yourself "Where in the heck is East Gate BBQ Express?" which, I guess, is a valid question. Unless you are a real foodie, are on the Foodies of Lafayette Facebook Page, or are a BBQ connoisseur, you might not have heard of them.

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East Gate BBQ Express is located on La Neuville in Youngsville, just off of the Youngsville Highway. They are nestled between the car wash and the laundromat. It's a drive-thru-only joint, the building's not fancy, the driveway isn't paved, but the BBQ is some of the best in town, hands down.

I've been to East Gate several times and I am sad to hear of its closing. It appears that I'm not the only one:

East Gate via Facebook


That's several upset people. Also, I've seen it on the menu but never thought about trying their "Trash Grits". That might have to change this weekend!

East Gate via Facebook

I don't know the owners of East Gate but, apparently, they also have a location in Morgan City that is still doing well.

One Facebook user had hoped for more notice so that he could have gone more often.

East Gate via Facebook

Had we ALL gone more often, the restaurant may not have to close.


East Gate via Facebook

Again, I don't know who owns the restaurant, but it appears that many people know "Harlan", and they all wish him well.

Harlan, if you are the owner, thank you. That was some good BBQ. Good luck with your Morgan City location and I hope that one day you might be able to reopen here in the Lafayette area.

Also, Harlan, judging by the comments on this Facebook thread, you might want to throw an extra brisket and pork butt on the pit for this weekend. Bon Chance!

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