These kids will always cherish what their parents have done for them.

Stephen Melara and Dillon Quebedeaux started a fireworks delivery service in Lafayette and the surrounding areas, but it's who runs the business that has us smiling today.

Both of Stephen's kids are bound to a wheelchair, but that has not stopped this dad from putting his kids to work.

As a matter of fact, Trevor has become the face of the business. He not only markets their business, but he also works directly with customers and even manages the inventory for their service.

His sister, Isabella, helps with marketing and even manages all of the numbers for the business on a computer using her eye-controlled computer.

This is amazing and as Stephen says in the post below, even though his kids have disabilities of their own, that will not stop he and his family from working towards what they truly want.

The name of their business is SBFireworks and they deliver fireworks to your home. Oh, one more important thing about the business, a portion of the profits earned have gone to helping families dealing with illnesses.

What a story as we get into the holiday season.


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