Louisiana State Police want to remind you that drivers need to slow down as school zones are back in effect.

During this time period last year, Lafayette City Police issued over 200 school zone citations over a 4-day period.

Louisiana State Police Troop I spokesman Brooks David says that a lot is happening around school zones:

You have the school zone, which requires you to observe a certain speed limit; you have cross walks, which may or may not have a crossing guard you have to obey; you have parents picking up and dropping off children; you have school buses, not only around the school, but all around the towns and cities of Acadiana. - Brooks David, Troop I

Trooper David reminds us the the main concern of the Louisiana State Police is public safety: not just the safety of the motorists, but all citizens.

Children are our most precious asset.  If we catch you speeding through school zones or passing a stopped school bus with its warning lights on, you will be ticketed and fined. - Trooper David

Reduce distractions in the vehicle.  Don't text and drive, eat while driving, apply make-up, read the paper - you get the idea.  Keep it safe, as our children's lives depend on it.