A state Department of Public Safety and Corrections officer is out of a job after he allegedly lied about being involved in a shooting. On Monday, 22-year-old Chandler LeGrange reported his involvement in a pursuit and shots fired by a motorcyclist on Juban Road in Livingston Parish.
State Police looked into the case and found several inconsistencies with the officer’s report.

"Upon further investigation, it was shown that several of the events did not come together as reported by the former DPS officer and our detectives determined his statements were falsified and his story was fabricated," said LSU Sgt. Nick Manale.

Manale says LeGrange was charged with malfeasance in office and filing false public records.
"He was a probationary employee with the Department of Public Safety Police and he's since been immediately terminated from that agency, but of course he'll face the charges and the fines appropriate with the charges in Livingston Parish," said Manale.
Manale says it’s unclear why LeGrange took the actions he did.

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