LSU football coach Ed Orgeron has explained his actions to the media after the LSU and Alabama game last Saturday night.

After the Crimson Tide defeated LSU, Coach O ran off the field celebrating like his team won the game, when they didn't.

LSU lost 20-14 to Bama, but Coach O made it clear that he and his team were not intimidated by Alabama or by their fans.

While Nick Saban was being interviewed by ESPN after the game, Coach O ran into one of the end zones in the stadium and held up the "L'" sign---signaling LSU.

LSU v Alabama
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He said that he did that to remind the hostile crowd that he and his team were not intimidated.

Coach O was escorted off of the field by his own security and luckily that's all that happened.

Still, many on social media questioned his conduct after the game and thus that is why he is addressing it days later.

LSU and Coach Orgeron have mutually agreed to part ways after this football season, so perhaps this was just one last wave good-bye to the Alabama fans in attendance.

Here's the Coach O after the game in Tuscaloosa.

Now, here's Coach O explaining his actions thereafter to the local media in Baton Rouge.

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