Mike Menard, owner of Crave Romance Boutique in Lafayette, took things into his own hands Friday, June 3 and went live on Facebook after being tipped off that a shopper had stolen something from the store.

Menard, not only confronts the alleged thief, but he goes live on Facebook to make sure everybody in Acadiana knew who he was. The alleged thief has been in trouble before according to the Lafayette Sheriff's Office. The incident at Crave was not his first rodeo at being in trouble with the law.

Menard approaches the young man, holding his phone live on Facebook and tells him he is the owner of Crave and that he wants his stuff back.

Menard follows the man to his vehicle to retrieve the item and tells him to never come back into Crave. Menard said he had the robbery on video and he would put his picture on the wall inside his store.

The alleged robber claims he was, "On my meds". He insinuated that he stole the item because he thought Crave was a "corporation".

The item was a "small front pocket wallet/card holder", said Mike Menard. Menard hand makes the wallets himself to sell in his store.

That’s messed up!!!! Glad you got your stuff back. Watch your back. -Patricia G.


“ I thought it was a cooperation.” This generation is so screwed. -Marvin A.


This is a beautiful thing but I think an ass whooping would have helped him understand better. " I'm off my meds" that was classic. -Robbie S.


What a creep! Glad you got him! Can't stand a thief!! -Amy N.

This is the actual Facebook video from the incident. (WARNING: LANGUAGE) This is not safe for viewing at work. If you are offended by foul language, please view it at your own risk.

Do NOT come steal from CRAVE Romance Boutique Lafayette. And damn sure don’t tell my awesome ass clerk Stephane Romero where you are going….. because I WILL come snatch you up! Lol. -Mike Menard


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