How many of you have toys laying around the house or in boxes up in the attic that are too damaged to donate? Mattel wants to give those toys new life with the Mattel PlayBack program.

Don't toss out those old toys that are too worn to donate. Mattel wants those old worn toys to be recycled because "Play should not have a shelf life or be tossed away". Mattel will take back used toys and even pay for shipping.

We also believe that parents should have guilt-free solutions for toys that have reached the end of their useful life. The Mattel Playback program helps put valuable materials back into play and out of landfills.-Mattel PlayBack Program

Mattel will take you kid's old Barbie, Matchbox and MEGA toys. The program may expand to other toys later. For now, Mattel PlayBack is being launched in the U.S. and Canada.

When possible, Mattel will reuse materials as recycled content in new toys. When the materials from the toys sent in cannot be repurposed the toy company will either "downcycle those materials into other plastic products or convert them from waste to energy".

Step One

Fill out the return form to generate your shipping label.

Step Two

Print the free prepaid shipping label that you receive via email.

Step Three

Package the toys and send them back to Mattel

Get started

This is the perfect way to have your children's old toys live on in the lives of other children and at the same time teach your own children how important it will be to recycle in their own lifetime.

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