Naming rights for the iconic Superdome in New Orleans are reportedly up for grabs starting next year. Mercedes-Benz will reportedly let its current naming rights deal expire in 2021 to focus more on the Mercedes-Benz Stadium that was built for the Atlanta Falcons and Major League Soccer team Atlanta United. This is, after all, where the company has located its US headquarters.

Sources told Forbes' writer Christopher Dodson that there is just no reason for the company to sponsor half of the NFC South.

The news has left Saints fans split. What will replace Mercedes-Benz, who was the first company to ever acquire naming rights for the legendary venue? Could it be one of the top 10 largest companies in the state?

This is the list of the top Louisiana companies according to the career website Zippia.

None of these names have "the sound" in my opinion, but I guess Mercedes-Benz sounded weird all of those years back. I would rather something like the Zatarain's Superdome or Cajun Country Rice Dome. (Can you imagine the decals that could be added to the roof to look like a pot full of rice?)

One thing is for sure: Superdome isn't going anywhere. So good luck to all of the marketing executives trying to make something work.

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