There are plans to rebuild the Civil War-era Governor’s Mansion that was intentionally burned down a week ago today in Opelousas.

Mayor Reginald Tatum is upset the original structure was destroyed, but he says the foundation of the old structure is still in good condition to rebuild. He says the building’s owners are seeking emergency funds to pay for a new mansion through the national trust for historic preservation.

“I also talked to someone that said they were going after corporate sponsors too. Such as, I don’t know if they got Coca-Cola, but they said that’s what they were going to go after, those kind of sponsors.”

The Oldest Governor’s Mansion in Louisiana Foundation has created a GoFundMe account to help with the rebuilding. Tatum believes the cost of rebuilding the mansion could be expensive, because historic buildings have to follow certain guidelines. He says before the fire, the home was 3 weeks out from opening as a museum, but he’s optimistic the building will be finished before the city’s 300th anniversary in 2020.

“I would hope that they could really get on it really quick with the proper donations and really get it going.”

Tatum says the State Fire Marshal’s Office is offering a reward to anyone with information as to who burned down the Civil War Era Governor’s Mansion and a started a fire at another historic building in Opelousas. He says security cameras have now been installed at the different sites.

“I don’t what them to come and try again but that’s going to stop them. I think that’s going to be a big deterrent to keep people from trying to burn down our building.”