Will we have a veto override session?

That is the big question right now as state lawmakers turn in their ballots deciding whether Louisiana will hold its first veto override session since our new constitution was adopted in the 1970's. That session would begin on July 20th.

Arguably the most talked about bill that would headline the veto override session would be legislation not allowing biological boys to participate in K-12 and college girls’ and women’s sports. Another would be a bill that would allow for "Constitutional" carry in Louisiana, meaning people 21-years-and-older would no longer need to get a concealed carry permit to carry a concealed firearm.

Governor John Bel Edwards vetoed both bills after they each passed the Louisiana Legislature, spurring the outcry for a historic veto override session.

Moon Griffon has been calling for a veto override session since Edwards' vetoes became a reality. Since then, he has been calling on certain Republicans - including House Speaker Clay Schexnayder of Gonzalez and Senate President Page Cortez of Lafayette - to support the veto override session and to support the overwhelming votes of the Legislature on those particular bills.

Sen. Ronnie Johns, senate.la.gov
Sen. Ronnie Johns, senate.la.gov

Well, one particular senator has caught Moon's ire - Senator Ronnie "Judas" Johns of Lake Charles.

In Moon's well-known take-no-prisoners fashion, Griffon takes Johns to task over why Johns says he won't be at a veto override session - knee replacement surgery. Johns had his surgery on July 7th after postponing it due to the pandemic and other reasons. The "Judas" nickname is a clear reference comparing the betrayal of Jesus to Moon's opinion that Johns is betraying the people of Louisiana.



In his rant above, Moon says he thinks Johns is using the surgery as an excuse not to go against Gov. Edwards, who has the power to appoint Johns to be the next gambling commissioner.

In the story, Moon quotes the recently-deceased Governor Edwin Edwards:

For as long as any of us can remember, Louisiana has been dominated by the mediocre and unprincipled."

"This pertains to Ronnie Johns, who is very unprincipled," says Griffon.

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