New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell is clearing the air after a viral video showed her in the midst of an alleged altercation over the weekend.

Multiple social media users began sharing a clip that showed the New Orleans mayor in the midst of a heated back and forth with another female individual. You can hear others in the background questioning whether or not the female knows if the woman she is arguing with is actually the mayor of New Orleans.

It was alleged that the video was shot in the bathroom of a local concert in New Orleans, but no one could confirm if the video was from an incident that took place on Saturday night or from a prior event.

Soon, more videos surfaced of Cantrell addressing the confrontation publicly at what looked to be a concert or event of some type for New Orleans rapper Rob49. As the New Orleans rapper presents the New Orleans mayor with an award you can hear her addressing the crowd on the microphone by saying "I wasn't fighting in the bathroom."

As it looked like she was either accepting or giving out some type of award Cantrell used the opportunity to also clarify that whatever rumors were quickly spreading about her fighting in the bathroom were inaccurate.

Instead, Cantrell claimed that she was actually "breaking up something" in the video that continues to go viral.

UPDATE: In an official release from the Mayor’s Office of Communications, Director Gregory Joseph says that Mayor Cantrell was diffusing “a potentially violent situation” after witnessing an altercation.

Cantrell is no stranger to criticism as the mayor of a city that has been very divided on her leadership thus far. From her strict lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic to the recent rise in brazen crime, Cantrell has taken major heat from residents—both in-person and online.

As a matter of fact, this isn't the first time Cantrell has gone viral for a confrontation caught on video. A previous video (during the coronavirus pandemic) showed the New Orleans mayor addressing someone who was allegedly disrespecting her in public.

Regardless of the criticism over her leadership, Cantrell won re-election convincingly back in November 2021 and is currently in her second term as mayor of New Orleans.

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