Chef Pat Mould photo by KPEL
Chef Pat Mould photo by KPEL

Chef Pat Mould joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and offered roux making tips and menu suggestions.

Chef Mould said he visited the St. Francis Diner in New Iberia yesterday where underprivileged people are fed.  The Diner received the first shipment of shrimp from the Best Life Iberia Initiative and Mould prepared a healthy version of shrimp and tasso jambalaya.

When asked why people burn their roux Mould agreed some people try to make a roux too quickly and said,

I cook my roux in the oven.  I'll start my roux on the stove, get my oil very hot, whisk in my flour, when it kinda starts turning brown I'll pop it into a 425 degree oven and let it cook for at least an hour and a half.

We asked what the benefit of this method was and Chef Mould said,

You don't have to nurse it, you don't have to constantly stir it.  You just stir it every twenty minutes or so.

We thought this would be a more dangerous method to make roux but Chef Mould assured us you have less of a chance of the roux catching fire in the oven.

Listen to the interview:

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