I understand that many people love and support the People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals, while others like to call it "People Eating Tasty Animals".  If you love PETA, I am sorry because I might offend you.  I don't agree with cruelty to animals either, but sometimes, PETA just goes to far.

Fox News reports, "A billboard that will be placed outside Nevada public schools is sure to make for interesting Thanksgiving dinner conversation, that is, if kids let the turkey make it to the table. PETA plans to place a billboard that reads, "KIDS: If you wouldn't eat your dog, why eat a turkey? Go vegan," with a picture of a dog head on a turkey body, near Reno public schools."

I think this is silly, stupid and ridiculous!  Come on!  Leave kids alone!  You are going to put a dog's head on a platter!?! What is wrong with this?  Everything!  I just think if you want people to support your organization you can do it without being disgusting.

PETA can believe anything they want, but resistance to the billboards that they already put up in Canada was wide.  Turkey producers were outraged!  They should be!  How stupid is this campaign?

Yes, animals feel pain.  Yes, killing animals or being cruel to them is terrible.  But, it's my opinion that God gave us domain over all the animals, and that's just the way I see it.

I hope you enjoy your turkey this Thanksgiving, and I hope PETA never decides to put up these type of billboards in Louisiana because I think they would find out pretty quickly what we think about this campaign.

I love turkeys, like all animals, but I really like turkeys when they are stuffed, fried or roasted!