This could be a problem.

A listener submitted this photo of a drainage coulee in "Upper Lafayette" and as you can see, it is blocked with debris.

Could this be the problem when it comes to poor drainage in parts of Lafayette Parish? I think you know the answer.

Thursday night we got several inches of rain and I saw roadways in upper Lafayette Parish flooded, that don't normally flood with just a few inches of rain. Ironically, on the same day storms came through, I received this photo from a listener.

In recent years we have see the parish do work in an attempt to improve drainage, but this can't keep happening.

The photo comes from the Acadian Hills area and if you are familiar with that area of the parish, you know it floods. And so do the surrounding areas.

I want to note here, this isn't the only coulee I have seen blocked with debris or litter. We all have to do our part to make sure this doesn't continue to happen and if you see it, report it.

We don't want to see homes flood again. Let's clean up the drainage avenues in Lafayette Parish so we don't have to repeat the devastation we've witnessed more than once here.


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