Robert Griffin III was a great addition to the Monday Night Football crew on ESPN.

However, today he is apologizing for using a slur while part of the pre-game broadcast on ESPN.

RG III was talking about the Eagles quarterback, Jalen Hurts, proving and silencing the critics with his performance this year when the "slur" slipped.

Now, the former NFL quarterback says that he certainly did not mean to use the word or phrase which he did. I will not mention it here, but you can hear what he said while on the set.


Some on social media felt that he used this phrase, which is often referred to as a derogatory term for black people, too casually.

Since the heat was turned up on the young broadcaster, he has since apologized and clarified what he meant to say.

Here's RG III's apology, via a Tweet that he sent out.


As a broadcaster, I can attest to words coming out that you do not mean. I applaud RG III for recognizing his mistake and owning up to it.

He most certainly isn't the first, nor will he be the last, to have a slip of the tongue. I most certainly do not think he meant any harm in this slip-up.


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