Sandra Bullock will be cheering on Michael Oher alongside Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy in New Orleans for the Super Bowl Sunday. In an interview with the Associated Press, Leigh Anne says the family and the award-winning actress have remained friends since filming the blockbuster movie "The Blind Side," which showcased the couple's experience of taking in and, ultimately, adopting the boy that would become an offensive lineman on this year's Baltimore Ravens team.

Ironically, New Orleans is where Sean Tuohy grew up and went to high school with the author of the book, Michael Lewis, that was the inspiration for the movie. Sean went on to be a basketball star at Mississippi and now owns dozens of fast-food restaurants and is also part of the TV broadcast team for the the NBA's Memphis Grizzlies. Leigh Anne has her own design firm.

Sean considers the likeness in this story to his own uncanny, but that's not all. He describes Bullock's portrayal of his wife-- who talks fast in her thick southern accent-- in the movie as "scary." The family says Bullock has followed Michael's career closely, even going as far as to text them during each of his games.

Their experience in raising Michael and seeing the wonderful man he has become prompted them to create the Making It Happen Foundation which offers financial help to people committed to improving the lives of impoverished children and those living in unstable homes.

As for Michael, the former Ole Miss player-turned Baltimore Raven says he's frankly tired of the movie. He just wants to play football. And he will be cheered on by his mom, Leigh Ann, decked out in her bedazzled Ravens gear and an award-winning actress who believes that miracles can happen.