Theresa F. Ealy (AKA Theresa Puryear) is in hot water this morning after her guilty plea yesterday morning.  According to KSLA, Theresa will be back in court on April 3rd to receive sentencing for her fourth felony conviction - this time for a hot oil attack on her boyfriend.  The April 2018 attack left the unnamed man with severe burns that "covered large parts of his body, greatly affecting his vision and hearing."

Ealy admits that she poured the hot cooking oil on him while he was sleeping in his bed.  She was arrested and charged with domestic aggravated second-degree battery - the latest in a long line of violent crimes that stretch back to 1986, and include multiple stabbings, a near fatal attack with a shovel, and manslaughter.  Because this is her fourth felony conviction, and there are multiple, non-violent (but serious) crimes on her record as well - she will face a mandatory, life in prison sentence.

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