According to a report from Gator 99.5, someone has jumped off of the 210 Bridge in Lake Charles.

UPDATE: According to KPLC, the person who jumped from the 210 bridge has been identified as a local prominent doctor in the Lake Charles Area.

Mike Soileau, the morning show host at Gator 99.5, was the first to report the news and says he confirmed the report with CPSO authorities.

We were getting calls into the radio station that a car was stalled or parked on top of the bridge. One caller even said they observed people stopped on the bridge and looking over the side.

Soileau's report also detailed the traffic backup on I-210 Westbound due to the incident. CPSO is on the scene as well as their Marine division but there are no further details.

Eyewitnesses described the "carnage" on social media.

Others offered prayers for the person(s) involved in the incident, including commenters on the Gator 99.5 Facebook page.

Gator 99.5, Facebook
Gator 99.5, Facebook

Others recalled similar incidents that have happened in the past.

Gator 99.5, Facebook

The investigation continues as we will update the story when more details become available. You can view the original breaking report via Gator 99.5 here.

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