As you run around town returning some of your less desirable Christmas gifts, you definitely need to know that many store's return policies have changed. has highlighted a few of the return policy changes.

  • Best Buy: January 14 is the return deadline for most holiday purchases.
  • Walmart: TV's must be returned within 30 days, not 90 anymore.
  • The Apple Store: Just 14 days for most items, one of the shortest return periods of any major retailer.
  • Target: Just 30 days for electronics, and 15 days for Apple items.
  • Macy's: 90 days, which is generous but shorter than the previous 6 months policy.

LL Bean has also made a big change to their lifetime return policy on boots and backpacks. Basically, they're discontinuing that service completely.

You can read up on more return policy changes over at and