At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I started a personal protest. If I couldn't go to work and had to do Acadiana's Morning News from my guest bedroom, I wasn't going to shave. For the first time, I had the time to battle through the stubborn itchy phase. I only made it 8 days. Failure.

Rob Kirkpatrick
Rob Kirkpatrick

Well, I'm at it again and Caleb Morse from The Rustic Renegade is my strongest source of support. Today on Acadiana's Morning News, he brought some Duke Cannon beard oil for me to use. The scent is Oak Barrel and it is made with Buffalo Trace bourbon.

Caleb says the key is moisturizing the hair follicles is key and waiting out the annoying "itchy" phase. And because I have to see him every Friday, he'll hold me accountable.

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