Baton Rouge, LA (KPEL News) - The word "queen" conjures up images of Elizabeth II and her famous corgis. The fact of the matter is that there are more than 40 sovereign states led by kings and/or queens. Three of those are in Africa, and one is the queen of the largest kingdom in Uganda. As it happens, she is making an historic visit to Louisiana to promote global entrepreneurship and will address the Louisiana Legislature.

Nexus Louisiana worked with the President Pro Tempore of the Louisiana Senate Regina Ashford Barrow to coordinate the visit of Her Royal Highness Sylvia Nagginda Luswata, Queen of Buganda. Nexus Interim CEO and recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, Calvin Mills Jr., had the honor of meeting the Queen at a private reception in Washington, D.C., last month. She graciously accepted an invitation to Louisiana from Mills and Senator Barrow.

The Kingdom of Buganda is the largest of the traditional kingdoms in present-day East Africa, encompassing Uganda's Central Region, including the capital Kampala. The population exceeds 14 million people and a significant landmass.

Her Royal Highness Sylvia Nagginda is the first Nnabagereka (Queen) in Buganda's history to establish a fully-fledged Office. She has played a crucial role in advancing development work within the Kingdom and Uganda.

Uganda's entrepreneurial scene is flourishing, with the emergence of tech startups tackling local challenges and creating impactful solutions in sectors such as fintech, health tech, agritech, and e-commerce. The Innovation Village, along with various tech hubs and incubators, plays a pivotal role in nurturing and supporting the growth of these startups. The Ugandan government has also implemented initiatives to nurture the tech sector, including a favorable regulatory environment and financial incentives.

Senator Barrow is pleased that the Queen will visit the Bayou State and hopes it will be beneficial to all parties:

The visit of Her Royal Highness Sylvia Nagginda represents a significant milestone in enhancing our ties with Uganda and showcases our dedication to global entrepreneurship. We believe that this visit will not only benefit our entrepreneurs but also contribute to the ongoing development of Uganda, presenting a unique opportunity to build meaningful partnerships across borders and bridge the gap between our two countries.

This historic visit, scheduled for May 29 and May 30, aims to enhance the connection between Louisiana and Buganda while promoting global entrepreneurship and partnership. To maximize the impact of this visit, Nexus Louisiana has arranged an entrepreneurial roundtable with Her Royal Highness.

During her visit to Louisiana, Her Royal Highness will visit Southern University and engage in discussions to explore collaborative opportunities between the two countries. Queen Sylvia Nagginda will also address both the House and the Senate, delivering remarks that emphasize the importance of fostering meaningful partnerships across borders.

Nexus Louisiana is proud to present Geaux Global, an entrepreneurial exchange program that facilitates the export of goods and services. "This program enables our entrepreneurs to partner internationally to expand their companies, serving as a gateway for entrepreneurs from other countries to conduct business in Louisiana," Mills explained. "Success in the global marketplace comes from thinking creatively and stepping out of our comfort zones."

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