A woman in Evangeline Parish decided to use her business as a shelter for the homeless to stay warm. The building was going to be used as an adult day care facility for the elderly but those plans were put on hold because of the pandemic. Shalonda Tezeno and her family own the building and they took advantage of the building being vacant by using it as a warm shelter for those in need.

Tezeno is using the bus, that was intended for the day care, to give people in need of shelter a ride to the building. Tezeno is going above and beyond. Her thoughtfulness doesn’t stop there. She is also providing food, blankets, clothes, and more to help keep them comfortable, according to KATC.

This is such a blessing to so many people who are living in tents or under bridges. Tozeno said she isn’t looking for a pat on the back, she just wants to make sure people are safe and warm. Tezeno and her family are looking into making the building a homeless shelter to continue to help as long as they can.

Tezeno is accepting donations if you would like to help. You can contact her at 337-831-8171.

There is still room so they are continuing to accept people if anyone is in need of a safe and warm place to stay. The building is located at 1562 W. Main in VIlle Platte.

Shalonda Tezeno is an angel.



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