I know that sometimes the youth of America get a bad rap. I've had teenagers, and I know how challenging they can be, but I have to believe that there is a lot of really good hearted kids out there. Especially here in Acadiana, where we have so many close families. So it really warmed my heart to see some young boys getting a spotlight put on their gracious actions earlier this week.

A photo of two young boys in Batesville, Indiana has gone viral for all the right reasons.  According to FOX News, the youngsters were riding their bikes when they encountered a funeral procession for 89 year old veteran Charles Everette Yorn.


The actions of the two boys were witnessed by a passerby named Jacqi Hornbach, who took a photo and posted it to her Facebook page. She told FOX NEWS that she was touched by the appreciation the two boys paid for someone they probably didn't even know. "To see these two young boys immediately stop and pay their respects to a passed serviceman, without any prompting or knowledge of anyone watching, was just so touching to see."

Mike Simons/Getty Images
Mike Simons/Getty Images

According to Hornbach, the boys "stood with arms behind their backs, silently, the entire time. It was as if they didn’t even have to discuss it before doing it. They knew that’s just what you do when you come across this. It was so natural for them." After the gun salute the boys got back on their bikes and returned to whatever pursuits young boys do on a sunny day in September. I hope their parents are proud of the way these two showed respect and thoughtfulness when they thought no one else was looking.



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