Ragin' Cajuns Baseball will move into their new and improved home at Russo Park on March 3rd, and fans have a lot of questions about what's in store for them upon arrival.

With so many questions about seating, parking, and protocol, Ragin' Cajuns Interim Athletic Director Dr. Jessica Leger decided to break it all down in an incredibly informational press conference.

There's a lot to digest in that video, so let's start with the seating chart for Russo Park.

The red sections (106-110) on the diagram are grandstand seats, the blue sections (101-105, 111-115) are general admission bleachers, the yellow patio boxes (1-20, 21-40) are reserved, assigned seats and the orange sections right behind the plate (5-11) represent the Supreme Rice Field Club. The patio boxes are the only assigned seats at this time.

The bleachers, grandstands and Supreme Rice Field Club will all be general seating, but they will be protected. That means people with bleacher tickets can sit anywhere in the bleachers, but not in the grandstand or Supreme Rice Field Club, and vice-versa. All three sections are exclusive, but the seats will be first-come-first-serve within the sections.

With the expansion of Russo Park, there will be 800 more seats in the grandstand, but they don't have access to all those seats at this time. Suite owners will temporarily be housed in the grandstand until the construction process is over, and there will also be an additional 200 seats provided with temporary bleachers, likely down the third base line.

(seating chart provided by Ragin' Cajuns Athletics)

Keep in mind, the reseating process will begin in April, and seat assignment will be based on the RCAF Priority Points system, with the priority point deadline being March 20th.

This will also be the first year with reserved parking for RCAF members who donate a minimum for $250 dollars to the annual fund, which is the section labeled "B" in the parking diagram below. Don't worry, though, there will still be general admission parking in the grass and asphalt areas, along with a special area designated for tailgating.

Fans are encouraged to use Gate 2 on Bertrand Drive or Gate 3 on Congress to reach the parking areas, and Stadium Drive will lead directly to the main entrance into the park.

Make sure to check out the entire parking chart to figure out where to go and how to avoid the construction areas.

(parking map provided by Ragin' Cajuns Athletics)

Once you enter the park, it will be important to note which areas are off limits, due to the ongoing construction process. The Stadium Club, Suites and upper concourse will be off limits until construction is complete, and there are a lot of other areas that fans must avoid.

In the stadium diagram below, the system is simple: red areas are off limits and green areas are safe. To make more sense of where to find tickets, points of entry and more, watch the video above to hear Dr. Leger explain the logistics.

Most importantly, Dr. Leger assured fans they will have access to concessions and restrooms, so don't worry about those two important pieces of the stadium experience.

(construction zones provided by Ragin' Cajuns Athletics)

M.L. Tigue Moore Field at Russo Park is going to be beautiful. It's the home Ragin' Cajuns Baseball deserves, and the fans will be rewarded for their support with tons of new amenities and a wonderful experience.