My family spent the weekend visiting family outside Minneapolis. I just so happens that we made it just in time to see a historic blizzard. It snowed 15+ inches in just under 36 hours, but the historic part was that it's the middle of April. My two little Cajun girls loved playing in this foreign substance that was falling from the sky.

We didn't drive much, but when we made it out on Saturday, I think I witnessed the worst trip to the grocery store ever. Any trip to get bread, milk and eggs that ends with you pulling the basket through more than a foot of snow has to be the WORST. The people there take it in stride and just accept that all of the extra work is part of life in the northern plains.


I hate grocery shopping, personally. I like to get in and get out. But here in south Louisiana, we can do it in shorts and flip-flops. I couldn't imagine being motivated enough to go to the store in that wintry weather.

I'm thankful we're safe and sound back in Acadiana and I'm happy to report I'm just wearing one layer of clothing!


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