Pop singer Belinda Carlisle talked about heaven on earth in her Top 10 song Heaven is a Place on Earth. So we decided to ask Lafayette social media users, "Where is Your Heaven on Earth?"

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Generally speaking, family, mountains, and beaches were all popular locales for an earthly heavenly destination. Family and destinations with water and/or a beach took the top spots in our survey. Florida was the state mentioned most, however, Disney World in Orlando was not.

Where is YOUR Heaven on Earth Lafayette?

"With my boys and favorite guy watching a movie and playing board games." -Anna D.

"Pensacola Beach." -Marcy M.

"Anywhere with family." -Rosemary S.

"On a cruise anywhere and our camp." -Angela J.

"In my only house with family gatherings!" -Gladys G.


Jennie Gary
Jennie Gary

Yosemite National Park with my family. -Jennie G.

"The camp in Toledo Bend." -Darlene B.

"At the beach with my family, in Destin, Florida. #WithoutADoubt" -Debbie A.

"Home with family" -Denise M.

"With my son on the beach." -Jennifer P.

"My porch with family and friends!!!" -Cynthia R.


Cindy Faul
Cindy Faul

In these past few years, it's been sitting quietly and retrospectively in a deer stand near Natchitoches! -Cindy F.

"Beach." -Susan W.

"At the beach." -Nancy S.

"Toledo Bend fishing." -Sue L.

"Anywhere there is a beach." -Angie V.

"Home.' -Dianne S.


Wanda Page-Lafleur
Wanda Page-Lafleur

In my backyard listening to the birds and watching nature in the midst of quietness. -Wanda L.

"Anywhere I can pitch a tent." -Roger T.

"The beach." -Stephanie M.

"In the past, I would have said the beach but now at this point, I realize it's with my family. Beach is forever, loved ones are not." -Denise R.

"Grand Coteau." -Travis S.

"In California." -Regina S.


Tammy Ward
Tammy Ward

Tennessee. -Tammy W.

"Waipo Valley, Hawaii." -Ruth R.

"Navarre Beach, Florida." -Lynda S.

"Right here with my husband." -Debbie R.

"On a cruise." -Tammy T.

"Our camp." Angela B.


Jennifer Koenig
Jennifer Koenig

Peaceful, always on the water is my place. -Jennifer K.

"Atlantis Paradise Island." -Candace L.

"Mountains in beautiful El Paso, Texas." -Terry G.

"Wherever the fish are biting." -Rene B.

"On a cruise with my husband." -Leslie B.

"Maui." -Michelle R.


Mike Brown, Getty Images
Mike Brown, Getty Images

Graceland in Memphis. -Sarah K.

"My mama's kitchen." -Dana W.

"With my children." -Gail G.

"Mountains with waterfalls." -Lisa M.

"Mountains." -Margaret B.

"Home with my children." -Laila C.


Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for the Bermuda Department of Tourism
Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for the Bermuda Department of Tourism

Bermuda. -Ron D.

"The beach." -Sharon L.

"Beach time." -Rita D.

"Galveston, Texas." -Deborah D.

"Hiking in Colorado." -Doug S.

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