A former Lafayette Police officer, his department and others are facing a lawsuit after he allegedly committed sexual battery against a woman who had earlier witnessed an assault on November 20, 2011. In addition to the former officer and his department, the alleged victim is also suing Lafayette Consolidated Government, Lafayette City-Parish President Joey Durel and Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft.

The victim, Pamela Harris of Lafayette Parish, and her attorney Roshelle Jones, say then-corporal Jackie Hagan of Sunset insisted on driving Harris home after she witnessed an assault in downtown Lafayette. When they arrived at her house, the victim says Hagan began forcibly kissing and groping her. Harris says Hagan even bit her nipple. It was then that the victim says she was able to push Hagan away and run inside her home.

Harris' attorney spoke with KPEL News. Jones says "He (Hagan) basically forced this woman into him taking her home...He was like, 'I have to bring you home.' And her and her friend (was) begging and pleading with him (not to). The friend told him she rode in with her and that she could bring her home since she hadn't been drinking.  He was like, 'No she has to come home with me.'" Jones added:

He basically totally abused his authority ... this woman was doing her civic duty (by) reporting a crime and he basically turned out victimizing her.

Investigators found Hagan's DNA on the woman's bra. Lafayette Sheriff's Spokesperson Captain Kip Judice says Hagan has turned himself in. He is being booked at the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center and his bond is $20,000.00.

Corporal Paul Mouton with the Lafayette Police Department says Hagan resigned in January, after the alleged assault, but before he was arrested. Other than that, Mouton says they will not comment on the ongoing litigation. Hagan's pre-trial date is set for August 9, 2012.

Click on Pamela Harris Lawsuit for a copy of  the suit against Jackie Hagan.