Back in the days of the old west, the work of the cowboy was truly a life or death struggle every day. During these modern times, jobs for cowboys may not be nearly as plentiful but they are still just as dangerous. Even when cowboys and cowgirls are gathered together to pay homage to this American way of life there can be dire circumstances.

Such was the case at a rodeo event held over the weekend in Beauregard Parish. In that event, billed as the Texas Junior High Rodeo a young Texas boy lost his life when the horse he was riding suffered a fatal health issue.

Those who were in attendance at the event this past Saturday at the Beauregard Parish Covered Arena say that the horse 10-year-old Legend Kell Williamson was riding reared back and then collapsed. The huge beast actually fell on top of the young boy.

Sylvester Denmond with the Beauregard Parish Sheriff's Office calls it a "freak accident". I can't even begin to come up with words of how to describe it other than tragic my vocabulary is absolutely coming up short.

Following the incident, a veterinary medical examiner determined that the horse either had a heart attack or a brain aneurysm. The weight of the falling animal on top of the small child resulted in blunt force trauma to the young boy's head.

I cannot begin to imagine the feelings the Williamson family is attempting to process following this horrific tragedy. I know the entire South Louisiana Rodeo Community is sharing in their grief and lifting them up with prayers of comfort and healing. We'd like to add ours to that mix as well.

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