Jaci Russo joins KPEL's Brandon Comeaux on "Acadiana's Morning News" to discuss how your business can conduct a successful public relations campaign.

"Without a proper timeline, your efforts will fall short," says Jaci. An effective PR timeline sets goals, accounts for time and money, and above all, is realistic."

  1. Planning: Goals, be specific.
  2. Staff: How many dedicated people? What are they being pulled from in the company and for how long? Who’s the project leader?
  3. Materials: Booths for a health fair? Judges for a cook-off? Partners for a community event?
  4. Messaging: The message must sound like it comes from your brand. Who is the voice? Where will the messages go (social media, print, radio, etc.)?
  5. Monitoring: How will you team leader communicate the results of each step? How will they keep an eye on the moving parts?
  6. Evaluation: Your post-mortem; what worked? What didn’t? Was the overall goal achieved?

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