In a bombshell story today in The Acadiana Advocate, writer Dan Boudreaux laid out the details of a new reality in the Lafayette brunch world. Maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but it's a sad reality for me.

Executive Chef Ryan Trahan and co-owner Jaques Rodrigue have announced that the trademark brunch buffet at Blue Dog Cafe is no more. The brunch which has been served for more than 20 years will be replaced with an a la carte menu. It will be comprised of old favorites and some new creations by Trahan.

As sad as I am, the silver lining is that Chef Ryan Trahan is at the helm of what is a new culinary era at Blue Dog Cafe. Some items on his menu are so unique, I've had to "try" them several times just to figure them out.

Don't worry. According to the story in the Advocate, the long-standing Blue Dog favorite crawfish enchiladas will be on the new menu.

RIP Blue Dog Brunch.

You've served me and all my out of town guests well over the years.

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