LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - Lafayette Parish is a fantastic area full of growth and incredible people who make it one of the most unique places to live and raise a family.

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With that growth comes heavy traffic. With that heavy traffic comes the increase in probability for crashes. Police officers will tell you that most crashes are preventable. Sometimes they happen because one or more drivers weren't being obedient of the law. And sometimes they happen because one or more drivers weren't aware of the law.

One of these examples that I notice quite a bit across Lafayette Parish is drivers not turning properly into median lanes. I'll be honest, I used to do this improperly in my younger years as well. But, when I learned the law on how to do this, it made perfect sense.

When you approach a median lane, as you turn you are supposed to stay in your lane, keeping to your right. Many times, drivers (and I used to do this all the time) will essentially hug the curve in the median closest to them, which is incorrect and can get you cited if caught by law enforcement.

Unfortunately, there have been times when I have attempted to make this turn properly only to have another driver attempt to come into my lane when trying to make his/her turn. Again, that driver may not be aware of the law.

That's why I wanted to share this information. Not turning properly into a median can have dangerous consequences. It can limit your line of vision for oncoming traffic.

Watch below as both gentlemen lost their vehicles in a median lane car crash featured on Judge Judy.

Please take this information and share it with others so we can make our roadways safer for all!

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