New research from AAA shows vehicle escape tools to bust out a window can be a lifesaver, but you need to know what type of glass your car windows have.  AAA spokesperson Don Redman says tempered glass will shatter, but laminated glass like you find in a windshield will not.

“Something as simple as seeing what type of windows your car has could save your life in  a time of an emergency, particularly if you are in a submerged vehicle, or even if your vehicle catches fire,” said Redman.

With many bodies of water around the state, one wrong move could result in someone being stuck in a submerged vehicle.  Redman says 1 in 3 new vehicles have laminated glass windows that will not shatter, but most have at least one tempered glass window.  It’s important to remember which window will break.

“Also, you’re going to want to keep one of those tools to your side, in a safe place that won’t be flying around.  Someplace that’s safe, secure and easy to get to,” said Redman.

Redman says there the acronym SURE will help those in an emergency situation.

“Stay calm.  Unbuckle seatbelts.  Roll down the window or break the window if you can.  Exit the vehicle quickly,” said Redman.

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