While south Louisianans are recovering from a historic flood, flood recovery efforts are still ongoing from the catastrophic flood that hit north Louisiana just five months before. Republican Congressman Ralph Abraham of Richland Parish met with White House officials in an attempt to get more federal support for the March flooding recovery efforts in north Louisiana.

“The 40,000 March flood victims should be given access to the relief efforts, including a 90-10 cost share that the August flood victims got,” Abraham said.

President Obama has only agreed to increase the feds’ cost-share for the August flood. Abraham says between the two floods, 22 of the 24 parishes in his district were declared federal disaster areas. He says he sent a personal letter to the president explaining that the road to recovery is long in both north and south Louisiana, and the state needs more assistance from the federal government.

“So that he does understand how badly we were hurt in the March flood. This just makes logical sense that all flood victims receive the same treatment,” Abraham said.

Governor John Bel Edwards will be in Washington tomorrow. The governor’s total request for both floods is two-point-eight billion dollars. Abraham says that request includes assistance for March flood victims who are rebuilding their homes and he’s talking with Congressional leaders about that need.

“It is a process that has to be, unfortunately, drug through the regular process, but we want to make this happen very, very quickly,” Abraham said.