This Saturday is the day when parents can get free help from officials who know how to properly install child seats. I know when my niece was young, I wasn't putting the ca4r seat in properly. Most of us do it wrong, but that's okay; that's why Louisiana State Police troopers are here to help.

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In each of the different divisional regions of Louisiana State Police this weekend, officials will be there to help anyone learn how to install their particular car seats. According to Louisiana State Police, they will have certified child passenger safety technicians to due inspections. The are partnering with the Louisiana Passenger Safety Task Fore.

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For people who live in the Acadiana area, you can go to Ochsner Lafayette General's campus that is at their hospital at 2810 Ambassador Caffery Parkway.

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You don't need to do anything but show up. This is just an event to help people as statistics show that at least three out of four kids are sitting in seats that either don't fit, or they just weren't put in properly. How you ever looked at the instruction for a car seat or a booster seat? To me, they are extremely complicated. This free event starts at 9 o'clock this Saturday morning until noon.

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Technicians will be in other parts of the state this weekend too, so this is a good story to share with your family members who also drive your children around.

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Let this statistic sink in: "During the last 30 years, approximately 9,000 lives have been saved by the use of child restraints." That statistic is from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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The following is the information for all the events that will be happening across the state this Saturday:

  • Region A - EBRSO Traffic Office - 9313 Burbank Dr., Baton Rouge
  • Region B - Diving Mercy Church - 4337 Sal Lentini Parkway, Kenner
  • Region D - Southwest Beverage - 3860 Broad St., Lake Charles
  • Region E - Rapides Regional Hospital - 211 Fourth St., Alexandria
  • Region F - Banner Ford - 6300 Frontage Rd., Monroe
  • Region G - Caddo Sheriff's Safety Town - 8910 Jewella Ave., Shreveport
  • (Acadiana) Region I - Ochsner Lafayette General - 2810 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy., Lafayette
  • Region L - Leblanc Pediatrics - 319 S. Tyler St., Covington
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What Do You Do If You Can't Make The Saturday Event?

Louisiana State Police sets aside time once a week to help out anyone he needs assistance with their car seat. You can find out about how to book an appointment by going to

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