The ACLU of Louisiana has filed a lawsuit challenging the Lafayette Public Library’s ban on Drag Queen Story Time. As the result of a lawsuit from a group called “Warriors for Christ”, the library now requires anyone who wants to use space at the library to sign a form saying they are not holding a drag queen event at the library. ACLU legal director Katie Schwartzmann said it’s a violation of constitutional rights.

“To engage in that very specific type of content censorship of public speech is a violation of the First Amendment,” said Schwartzmann.

Schwartzmann said the goal is not to force the library to hold a Drag Queen Story Time event.

“It’s to force them to remain content neutral when people seek to use the room at the library,” said Schartzmann.

Schwartzmann said the form that makes people agree to not hold drag queen events has got to go.

“We’re just seeking to undo that policy change that limits the ability to use the space without signing a form,” said Schwartzmann.

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