Schaquana Spears (WBRZ Photo)
Schaquana Spears (WBRZ Photo)

Attorney General Jeff Landry says his office is looking into the case of the Baton Rouge mother who was arrested for whipping her children with an electrical cord after they were caught robbing a neighbor’s house. Landry says he wants to make sure the investigation is handled properly.


"I want to make sure we get all of the facts that could potentially be a liability for the state if we don't handle this correctly," Landry told the Louisiana Radio Network. "I think, overall, this is something that concerns me."


Schaquana Spears is facing two counts of child cruelty for disciplining her children, and Landry is concerned the department of children and family services will take her children away. He says he is thankful his mother did not spare the rod to teach him a valuable lesson.


"We painted ourselves in very rigid boxes and not allowed people to have particular discretion. Landry said. "I can tell you, I  remember, as a young, child getting a pretty good whipping from my parents."


The Department of Children and Family Services issued a statement saying discipline is a healthy part of parenting, but it crosses into abuse when it leaves cuts or bruises on the child.


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