Multiple people have shared an image of Governor Edwards' latest COVID-19 proclamation that does not yet have the signature of Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin. We checked the source and found this document posted on the Governor's website. It details the mask mandate that was announced by the Governor on Saturday.

The images are being used to 'prove' the mandate is not valid in the state, because Ardoin didn't sign it. This is not correct.

We reached out to Ardoin, who sent this response to KPEL News:

I have a ministerial duty to simply attest to [the Governor's] signature on all proclamations and executive orders. I don't have any power to overturn them.

The document was apparently uploaded before it was attested to by Ardoin.

Another version of the 'un-signed' document has the blank signature lines edited to have the name of Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry. We reached out to him and confirmed that the mandate is indeed valid.

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