Personal Injury Attorney and KPEL Legal Authority Glenn Armentor awarded his 2019 Pay It Forward Scholarships during a ceremony at his downtown Lafayette offices. Four deserving students were awarded the scholarships by Armentor and his staff who were gathered to make the presentations this morning. The award recipients were nominated by community members and then chosen by a selection committee.


The high school seniors receiving the "$10,000 Pay It Forward Scholarship" include Angelique Schmidt of Ovey Comeaux High School, Chloe Deville of Northwest High School, Philong Phan of Cecilia High School and Major Willis, Jr. of Opelousas Senior High.

This year's recipients bring the total number to 38 prospective college students who have been awarded the Pay It Forward Scholarship.


Read the full release below:

LAFAYETTE, LA – Four recipients were announced at today’s press conference and awards ceremony for the Glenn Armentor $10,000 “Pay It Forward” Scholarship.


The “Pay It Forward” Selection Committee is comprised of several Acadiana community members who are passionate about the pursuit of education. After deliberating over many deserving applicants, the Committee selected four high school seniors on April 24: Angelique Schmidt of Ovey Comeaux High School, Chloe Deville of Northwest High School, Philong Phan of Cecilia High School and Major Willis, Jr. of Opelousas Senior High.


Many of these students have experienced obstacles and setbacks, both financial and emotional, that many adults haven’t and will never have to overcome. Despite poverty, illness, homelessness or abandonment, these amazing students have maintained a startling GPA of 3.0-4.0. Even those with a stable upbringing have trouble achieving what these students have.


The press conference honoring this year’s recipients of the “Pay It Forward” Scholarship was on Wednesday, June 12 at 10:00 AM, hosted at the historic Good Hope Hall, home of the Glenn Armentor Law Corporation.


Lafayette personal injury attorney Glenn Armentor, the scholarship’s creator and benefactor, had this to say: “I congratulate the winners, I honor them, and I try to help them from the day that they win… mostly what I do is sit back in awe, because those kids are me, the way I was 40 years earlier. They’re having a chance to do the things that I’m trying to do now, and all of them have an opportunity as a result to pay it forward themselves.”


Each student was honored with a scholarship certificate and “Pay It Forward” Lifetime pin at the event.


“In the early years of the ‘Pay It Forward’ Scholarship, many people criticized it as a lawyer advertisement, thinking that ‘Pay It Forward’ was all about advertising The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation. It never was,” Armentor explained in a social series video released earlier in the month. “I think most people now realize that the commitment is there… that the dedication to ‘Pay It Forward’ is all-encompassing for me and my law firm.”


About the “Pay It Forward” Scholarship

The program is now in its tenth year and has awarded more than $500,000 in tuition for students attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, South Louisiana Community College and Louisiana State University Law School. When possible, the scholarship winners may be offered a position as a runner at the Glenn Armentor Law Corporation to provide a steady and flexible job during their time in school.


The $10,000 “Pay It Forward” Scholarship of Excellence is given annually to at-risk young men and women who display the spirit, work ethic and character that shows the student is deserving of a chance for a better future, as well as adults in need who are facing exceptional hardship. The scholarships are awarded by an independent panel of community leaders based on a combination of attributes including: student performance, drive, ability, need and desire to seek a college degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.


Growing up, Glenn Armentor could easily have served as the poster child for at-risk kids in Acadiana. Lax efforts in primary school, run-ins with the law, a quick temper and being raised in abject poverty all contributed to putting him on a path to self-destruction. Luckily, a handful of individuals stepped in before it was too late. With their help, he found a newfound spark of optimism, and worked offshore to put himself through law school. Later, he opened his own firm. Today, his law practice is thriving with a comprehensive team of 13 attorneys and has helped protect the rights of thousands who have encountered misfortune in Acadiana. He has also been recognized as the Best Lawyer of Acadiana 11 times by public vote through the Times of Acadiana.


Even with success, Glenn Armentor has not forgotten those early years. He feels eternally indebted to the friends, mentors, neighbors and strangers who stepped in to help change his life. That’s why he created the Glenn Armentor “Pay It Forward” Scholarship of Excellence – to pay their kindness forward.


Educators throughout Louisiana are urged to submit the names of high school students that meet the basic requirements of the program for future awards.


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The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation is a personal injury and workers’ compensation law firm that provides legal aid to the seriously injured. Founded in 1977, the firm has been established as one of the pre-eminent plaintiffs’ litigation firms in Louisiana and has represented thousands of clients with a phenomenal success rate. The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation was voted “Best of Acadiana” by public vote 11 times. The office is located at Good Hope Hall at 300 Stewart Street, Lafayette, LA.


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