The Baldwin Police Department is damaged following a fire. State Fire Marshal Butch Browning says one person was in a holding cell when the fire started. Officials were able to get him to safety but not before he suffered some injuries.

"They quickly went into action and removed one inmate who sustained significant burns and is being treated for those burn injuries."

Browning says the investigation is in its early stages and they are still trying to determine the exact location where the fire started.

"It started in the area where the cells are.  There was no clear point of where it started to say it started on a wall or on a floor.  We are still doing some forensic analysis right now and we'll know that soon."
It will be a while before normal operations can resume in the Baldwin Police Department. Browning says the building sustained quite a bit of damage.
"It's not a total loss, but there is a lot of damage to the electrical system within the the building, as you can appreciate is going to require significant repairs and remodeling to get the building back into service."
Browning says they will continue to interview those who were there, including the jailed man once he has sufficiently recovered.