This legislative session has gotten off to busy start. One of the first pieces of legislation I saw was the introduction of a bill that would make The Bible the state book and I thought WHAT?

Let me say first off that I think The Bible is the infallible word of God and of numerous copies of different versions. However I don't think the Louisiana Legislature should be debating it's worth as the state book.

As soon as our legislature can remedy all of Louisiana's problems including expansion of healthcare, welfare fraud, corruption in state government, education, caring for the homeless, feeding the hungry and maintaining the state's crumbling roads and bridges then and only then should they be concerned with giving The Bible an official title.

No matter what is decided about the state book The Bible will still be THE book in my house.

The Bible needs no help, so fix the problems you actually have control over! Some people believe The Bible is the infallible word of God, some people think it's all myth and fairytale but it can be whatever you think it is. If you believe in the Bible you will believe and will not need the Louisiana State Legislature to tell you it is 'official' in any way. If you don't believe in The Bible no matter what legislation is passed you will still not believe in The Bible.

For those of us who read and believe in The Bible we always will. Those who do not believe in The Bible may be reached one day and believe but no act of the legislature will change their minds. So as I said before, get to work in the Legislature and do the jobs you were elected to do. Quit wasting time with matters that are far beyond your grasp and far beyond the job description of your elected position.

Do you think maybe bills that want to name a state book, state bird or flower are just camouflage or smoke and mirrors from legislators that having nothing of substance to contribute to the well-being of the citizens of Louisiana? Could be.

No matter what is decided about the state book The Bible will still be THE book in my house.

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