Ray Pellerin of Pellerin's Funeral Home posted a plea on Facebook, asking people to help find a deceased woman's family.

A woman was struck and killed as she was walking along I-10 in Breaux Bridge in 1981, and police found no identification on her body. She was eventually buried in Breaux Bridge. The Pellerin family assisted in making certain that the "Unknown" would be taken care of: they had the church donate the plot, and they, themselves, donated the tomb and casket. According to the story, two local people stood in as the parents, promising to "serve" until the family is found. They have both since died, but another woman has assumed that role. (Flowers are placed on the grave on special days, still to this day!)

The Pellerins believe that, with the proliferation of the internet and social media since her death, maybe now the word will spread enough to finally find her family.

If you can spread the story, and ask your friends in other cities/states to share, maybe her family members will see this and finally get some closure.

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