Police described a hectic scene at a local dinner buffet.

According to authorities in Huntsville, Alabama an argument over crab legs led to an all-out brawl that landed two people in jail. What's even crazier is that Huntsville police officer Gerald Johnson was eating at the Meteor Buffet when all hell broke loose!

Johnson described the scenario to local WHNT-TV

diners were using service tongs like fencing swords and plates were shattering, and a woman was beating a man

Apparently, this all started when diners got heated over waiting for crab legs for more than 10 minutes. Tempers flared once the food came out. Once all was said and done, Chequita Jenkins was charged with assaulting John Champan. Chapman suffered a cut over his head and was charged with disorderly conduct.

While there is no video of this specific incident (that I know of) a quick search on YouTube yielded a pretty crazy example that easily explains how this brawl probably started.

There is no confirmation that either of them ever received their fresh crab legs.

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